Monday, 7 April 2014

Misery loves company ( a mischievous mini rant)

Another laundry trip on the bike (yes, my life is thrillingly exciting at the moment).  I win 2 free trips in the evil elevator of Burrard Skytrain station (WHO designed the elevator control software? Sadists from Surrey? Why does it always change direction when I'm in it?). The only reason I take my bike even near that elevator is that it started pouring just after I got over the bridge into Downtown. Someone else in that elevator seems to share my mood and perspective on this particular elevator and Vancouver in general:

"Vancouver is horrible. The only thing here that has colour is the advertising."

He's correct, of course, but: What's going on here?  I am supposed to be the trend-setting Cassandra.  There are more of me?  Oh, NO !!!

And some of you might say; 'Hang on. It's not that bad. There are a few spots of colour in this city'. And that is indeed correct.  I did find some colour. 

But it was wet ;-)

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