Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy holidays

It's that holiday again:  
The holiday of music and free love. 

Oops. Nope. That was Woodstock. 

No, this is Christmas: 
The holiday of nubile bodies glistening in sun-tan lotion. 

OOOps. No. No. That was Cuba.

No, this is Christmas. Christmas !!!
The holiday of unbridled merciless consumerism and consumption with utter disregard to wars, hunger, or anyone who has less than us.

Yeah!  I got it right this time!  Christmas!

When I googled Christmas, I got a news article with the above image in SECOND SPOT !  Wonder how much they had to PAY for that? 

The German on-line News magazine Der Spiegel has an article with tips on how to STUFF YOURSELF at Christmas dinner without experiencing that unpleasant stuffed feeling.  
Decadence a la Decline of Rome is in fashion again. What should that tell us?

Feeling unpleasantly full as a result of eating too much is one problem these people do NOT have to deal with.
These are Palestinian refugees in the Yarmouk refugee camp inside Syria.  Judging by their clothing, they are not only HUNGRY but also COLD.

What I want for Christmas?

Peace on Earth and maybe just a tiny bit of compassion from those who have sooooo much!

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