Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day XII, part I: Walking on Water, Walking on Clouds.

I was convinced that the pictures would show it.  It was so overwhelming but the extend of the effect is barely visible in the pictures.  It must be the TINY motion of the body that forces the eye and consequently the brain focus on the plane of the sky instead of the plane of the sand.  But the camera does not capture that motion, so you'll have to focus here !
These are actually puddles of water

This beach is my favourite beach because of the particular characteristics of the sand.  Even when the water has already retreated from its high tide peak for hours, the sand remains in large parts covered by a sheen of water, which turns it into a mirror.

These, on the other hand are not puddles.

And neither is this.

Then it's time for breakfast and the routine is always very similar:

Stairway to heaven
Pay attention to the lower half of the picture.  You should be able to see the sky reflected in the sand.

After this enlightening episode I head back to the local supermarket. A nice relief from the supermarkets of West Vancouver. I much prefer the naturally aged women and fishermen  here to the outrageous-outfit-clad and surgeon-stretched visages of West Vancouver. If I ever want to see dead things look alive, I'll head to Mme Toussaud's.

This is a picture of ONLY the sand:

And this is THE SAME picture rotated by 180 degrees.

See what I mean?  I'm walking on clouds !

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