Friday, 26 December 2014

Cover your mouth, PLEASE

It must be cold or flu season or both, because I remember a lot of bronchial hacking going on in the plane to Montreal and the next plane to Vancouver.  Even in the train from Saint Malo to Paris I had a cougher sit right behind me.  

Usually I survive these encounters unscathed, but yesterday afternoon I found myself trying to hack stuff out of my lungs while my whole body was aching and my mind was refusing to complete even the most simple of tasks.

And then I remembered her.  The woman in the seat right next to me on the flight from Montreal to Vancouver (Not the pizza eater; he was on my other side).  During most of the flight she was at least only coughing at the LCD screen in front of her (Do they even disinfect these?).  But when we arrived in Vancouver, she got up to get her handbag out of the overhead compartments and while she had both hands up to grab her bag, she coughed right at me.  THANKS A LOT, LADY !

While it seems too much to expect North Americans to show the common courtesy exhibited by many Asians of wearing a face mask when they are sick to prevent the spread of their malaise, could you at least refrain from coughing in people's faces?  Or is even that too much to ask?

PISSED OFF, but refraining from coughing at other people.

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