Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day X, part I: Gare du Montparnasse (or I'm leaving on a fast train)

Good thing I'm getting good with the multi-Metro-lines trips because this morning 2 different lines take me to Gare Montparnasse, one of Paris' seven big train stations.  

Once you know which Gare I'm leaving from, you can already guess where I'm going.  Every one of these Gares serves only a particular area, for example, trains from Gare Saint-Lazare travel exclusively towards Normandy.

At Gare du Montparnasse I also buy a ticket that will get me back to Paris from my destination on Sunday.  I have to buy this ticket at a counter because for some reason my Credit Card refused to work when I attempted numerous time to buy this ticket. It worked fine to buy the ticket TO my destination but not the RETURN ticket. I even advised the CC company that I would be travelling in France.  I'm sure the excuse that they will offer has something to do with protecting me from Credit Card fraud. What good does that do me if I'm stuck in a foreign country and can't buy a train ticket?  I am SO SO SO SICK of the North-American nannying mentality !  Common sense is in short supply!  Time to change credit card companies. At least there is no shortage of THOSE in North America.

I could start liking Christmas with decoration like this

I almost walk away with the wrong train ticket from the counter.  Since I insist on using as much French as I can (the guy behind the counter happily plays along), we finally realize that Samedi (Saturday) and Sunday sound dangerously alike. Since I want to return on Dimanche (Sunday), he smilingly destroys the original ticket and prints me a new one.. A nice Parisian!

RRReaddy to Run

10:08: The world starts gliding by. This French train is packed and a l'heure!

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