Monday, 8 December 2014

Aeroplane time again (or Off to another funeral) 2.0

Monday morning.  I'm boarding another plane today. Time to say Good Bye to my spare mother.  Funerals are a good thing.  So far her death has been a kind of theoretical news. Going to Germany, attending her funeral, and especially having 'coffee and cake at her home' without her being there will make it sink in.

Jan, the son of my spare mother, has created a spectacular memorial card from various pictures of his mother, my spare mother (double duty woman with a heart much bigger than her body and an inspiring lust for life).  

A side note:  The above card was distributed by Jan as a memorial card to the attendees and those who could not attend. That includes me.  In late December Jan requests that I remove this image from my Blog., I thought about it for a while and removed this entire post for the time being.  Having had received this image from him,  and having including the credits, I feel entirely justified to reactivate the post on Mother's Day, May 10 2015, almost exactly 6 months after her funeral, having given Jan the time to channel his grief into other directions. The post is unmodified except this paragraph and the size of the collage image. Complaints are welcome but most likely futile. As they say in Canada (including the relevant connotation): "So Sue Me".

Having known her for most of my life, I just keep thinking:  There should have been more pictures.  How can you summarize a life with this?  Is that all we'll be in 50 years?  A few pictures on a card?  Not that a few hundred posts on a blog are really that much better.

Maybe the moral to be drawn from this is that what happens after one's life is really not that important.  Important is the time before death and that one uses it well.


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