Sunday, 30 November 2014

T minus 2 (another double entendre and a dilemma )

Yes, 2 more days until it is time to return to Igloo-land and -2 was the low temperature in Roberts Creek tonight. That combination does not bode well!

Temperatures here in Kona have plummeted as well. The nightly low when we arrived was 24 Celsius and last night dropped to a not quite bone-chilling 19 Celsius.

Before sunrise

It is saying: Throw more bread off the balcony !

And there is the flying lawn mower again. Jefferey and another student.  And the student (pilot) is looking down in my general direction while I take their picture (Trust me, I zoomed ;-)

While we're on the subject of flying: Do I have over-active imagination or does anyone else see a white dragon flying over the volcano landscape in the pic below?

Wikipedia it says that this represents a Virtuous and pure King.  But maybe I got it wrong and it's really one of the Horsemen?

Has everyone heard about the huge bruhaha in Vancouver, because the City of Vancouver dared to refuse when a huge OIL company promised FREE money to local schools?  Apparently most mayorates or school boards in the Lower Mainland accepted the FREE money, but someone in Vancouver City Hall didn't like the smell of gasoline.  I guess down here in Kailua-Kona, they need the money desperately. Even if their town's gas stations (Only the one of THAT OIL company:

Fuel your school?  EVIL!

See, that is the danger of accepting CORPORATE MONEY:  How many parents of school  children do you think can refuse that evil logic?

I discover more EVIL (maybe just STUPIDITY) when I stop at Sack-n-Save (Oh, PPPlease, find a better name).  I am in Hawaii.  A fisherman's paradise. What are they selling?  Previously frozen FARM fish from China.  And it's EXPENSIVE compared to local fish !

But let's not blame the store; let's blame the CONSUMER. I mean, WHO in their RIGHT MIND would buy canned pineapple in Hawaii?  Apparently lots of people ;-(

Later in the day I head into town again and finally take a picture of the giant tree.

As evening and sunset time approach, I find myself going down to the water over a different cluster of lava boulders.  And I discover an animal that I have never ever seen on any of the other boulders.  And there are lots of these here. But WHAT ARE THEY?

First the dragon, then the daemonic creatures above, and now an upside-down sunset!  

But after a little wait, the sunset is right-side-up again. Too bad the world can't be fixed that easily.

At the end of the 2nd bottle of Chardonnay, I realize that being at the burial of my Spare-Mom's ashes on the 12th of December in Germany is easily doable within existing time constraints.  The realization what that would do to other existing plans causes me to pull the cork on # 3 ;-(

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