Sunday, 23 November 2014

Calling all Jedi Knights (i.e. anyone over 40 able to lift a light sabre)

 I've never played Laser-Tag, this strange combat game, where people are equipped with sophisticated laser guns and detector suits.

  When I was young, people were playing that game for real in Vietnam (God, I'm old!) 
Easy targets, apparently
Little Critters
 But I learned yesterday that my chance will come on January 23rd. January 23rd happens to be my pseudo-nephews 8th birthday and his mother is organizing some laser-tag birthday bash (she doesn't like the war games but her son doesn't seem to be giving her a choice). After hearing about my participation in this murderous event,  Mika (7 years old) already announced to his mother that I won't have a chance 'because adults are easy targets because they're so BIG'.  Lovely!  
Denise, PLEASE volunteer to shoot this snotty little bastard to kingdom come !!!!!

 Show these little ...
... critters we will, what we ...
...are made of (aside from cob-webs and ear-hair).

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