Tuesday, 25 November 2014

29 again (or was that 39? 49? No way! You're kidding me, eh? Really? REALLY? ...)

Meet Chantal and my pseudo-nephew Mika. All the drawing artwork is Mika's handiwork!

I received a birthday card one day early, but given its originality and beauty, one shouldn't really complain about it being early. Heck, I want one of those on every single day of the year !

Today I have to visit that young woman in the Honolua clothing outlet, who noticed my birthday (when I substantiated my credit card with my driver's license) for the simple reason that it was her birthday also, to wish her Happy Birthday.  She even asked me how old I was going to be (NO, I'm not repeating that number in public) but I never asked her how old she would be because she looked like she would age herself if she used the '29 again' line.

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