Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday (work, bike, work, sleep, bike, buy, bike, work, turtle, bike, work, sleep)

It's already Friday?  Where has the time gone? 
Only 4 days until the flight home to Igloo-land!

The sunrise is quite pretty today.

I'm translating quite a bit and head out to the water or for a bike ride whenever the adrenaline rises to uncomfortable levels.

On one of these bike trips: After I had stopped away from the road in the shade next to the King Kamahameha Hotel and had completed a few phone calls, I saw some tents in the hotel's parking lot.  At first I thought it was just another triathlon's changing area, but upon further exploration I found another market.  Only about 10 vendors were outside, while about 50 more were inside a large hall of the hotel.  The initial perusal did not show much beside the usual tourist crap, but one stand caught my eye.  The stand was manned (womanned?) by a slight Asian lady that was selling gorgeously carved and inlaid wood objects.


At 4 pm Grandma announces that she has spotted a turtle on the rocks.  Given that just 3 days ago she couldn't tell whether a full-sized man walking over those same rocks was one or two people, I don't put much trust into her 'discovery' at first.  But she is right.  I head down to take some turtle-portraits.

Laying eggs must be exhausting or boring or both.

Darth Vader Crab ready to JUMP !

Smiley rock

selective tanning. Thanks Teva !

It's still Friday?  Where has all the wine gone? Where did those 2 empty bottles come from?

Good night, world ;-)

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