Sunday, 16 November 2014

One saddlebag and two deer in Gibsons (and Eike in disguise)

At 11 am it feels like the temperature might be approaching the freezing point or actually might be above Zero, so I hop on the bicycle to climb some hills on the ride to Gibsons.

I drop by Spin Cycles, the local bike store, to pick up a saddle bag that I had ordered months ago in response to Air Transat losing one of my panniers in Amsterdam.  And Kudos to Spin Cycles for keeping it in a drawer ever since it arrived. 

All of a sudden I see two deer (mother and child presumably) crossing the Sunshine Coast Highway right in the middle of Upper Gibsons.  By the time I stop the bike and have my camera out of my pocket and turned on, they are vanishing but I still get this shot.

I keep following them on the bicycle while talking loudly to them and this seems to work:  They take me as harmless and start feeding on some foliage.

The Outback look
Eike then bakes some cookies and everyone starts acting slightly strange.  Especially Eike.  But as a co-consumer, I can vouch for the harmlessness of the cookies. Must be something in the air.

No, that's normal behaviour for Hans

Perfectly normal behaviour for Denise and her secret mug ;-)

Stay away from those cookies !

A well-fed Roman Senator?  Et tu Brute?

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