Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Thirsty Thanksgiving Thursday

After having my first work-accompanied coffee at 3:30 am, I thankfully go back to bed and sleep until 6 am (too late ! ;-).  
Still in time to catch the stratified sunrise on the volcano ridge on my bike ride into town.
The internet informs me that the Kona farmer's market is open at 7 am so I cycle into town in the hope of buying a few more bird of paradise flowers.  

While one stand selling $4 pineapples is open, most of the rest of the market is still closed, including the flower vendor. Ah well, at least I see a bunch of people trying themselves at a Triathlon.

Since it is American Thanksgiving today, most stores will close early, so people can devour their dinner turkeys amidst their families.  So the second bike ride is to KTA in Keauhoe Mall, where I buy another bottle of the $3.99 Chardonnay and various groceries. 

Grandma has started to notice the number of empty wine bottles around the suite, so the third bike ride of the day (I return just after noon) goes back to the Farmer's Market in Kona to buy 3 more Bird of Paradise flowers ($2) and 4 red ginger flowers ($5).  Since the stems of both these flowers are quite thick, each flower needs a wine bottle to itself, and I point out to Grandma that I'd have to drink faster to accommodate all the new flowers.  Thankfully I find a Weizen glass that holds all 4 Ginger flowers, so I don't have to start chugging ;-)

At 1 pm I spot a turtle and lead Grandma over the lava rocks at the water's edge so she can see it too.

I missed a career in flower arranging ;-(

Well, maybe not ;-)

Since the day was interspersed with translating work, I feel justified in going for a 4th bike ride. Grandma uses her suspicious voice when she asks me where I am going to ride to 'this time' .  My rides can only go South or North since the volcano is in the East and the ocean in the West.  I refrain from answering "South" to maintain the peace.

THIS is where I ride to this time ;-)

Good night, world!

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