Friday, 11 July 2014

I'm just bagged in a parkade ( or Parlez vous Canglish?)

Any foreigner would think that Canadians speak English.  Of course there are those troublesome Pepsi-drinking Quebecois that don't, but the rest speaks English, non ?
First inklings that there might be more going on arrive when you try to set the spelling language in Word on your computer. English (United Kingdom), English (US), English (Canadian). Huh?

After you have travelled a bit in this colourful world, you might figure out that for example a spelling-enabled citizen of our neighbours to the South would find three spelling mistakes in this sentence.

Thank you, unknown model for demonstrating baggy eyes!
I actually was once told by someone that Preparation H works
against baggy eyes !  Who would ever think of trying it ?????
But not enough with that.  Read the title line to an English speaker outside of Canada and you probably would have your opponent guess that you are playing strange games with bags in a weird kind of gaming arcade. Yes, fellow Canglish speakers, it is true: neither the term feeling bagged nor a parkade will make any sense to anyone outside of Canada. 

And to those Non-Canadian English speakers:  One would feel bagged for example after a night of drinking and debauchery, with about as much motor skills and brain activity in the morning as a person in a body bag. Or would it be the bags under one's eyes? Who knows?

Advertising a Swiss-Cheese building?

And parkade?  I actually had to look up how to say this word in English !!  Result: multi-storey car park. That's a mouthful !  

And yes, this post is the result of one of those ferry-mishaps.  The car 4 cars in front of me still made it onto the ferry. The car 3 cars in front of me didn't, and we had to wait for the next ferry.

p.s.:   Shame on Bay Moorings Restaurant in Deep Cove.
Bullshit, I say !
While the Greek salad that came with my fish & chips here today was delicious, the fish was not.  True, there was some fish somewhere inside of those big lumps of chewy batter. But there just wasn't much of it.  I dared to point out this discrepancy between price and amount of fish to the waiter.  But alas, either he didn't bring it to management's attention or management should retire, as there was no discount on the bill to show that they're sorry for expensive crappy food.  Sorry guys, this was disappointing food here three times in a row and it'll be the pub for me next time at lower cost and better food quality.

p.p.s:  Double Shame on those retarded drivers that sit in their cars in full sun at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and keep their engines running to be able to support their air-conditioning in their cars.  It's not often that I feel that people should have their right-to-life certificate revoked, but I feel I have a case when these dumb idiots are concerned.  Get out of your friggin car and step into the shade instead of heating the place up further and adding a stink to it.  Just for people like that one should have a decal printed and attach it to the rear bumper "Proud Supporter of both Global Warming and Sarah Palin!"

Pure Crap

p.p.p.s:  Triple not-worth-your-weight-in-cow-manure Points to the people in the car right next to me who had the engine running and the windows open.

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