Sunday, 27 July 2014

Eating in Holland ( Part II: Kip vs Kippers)

It's a good thing that many Dutch restaurants have free Wifi (hear that, Germany?), because without Google Translate the difference between the food I would have thought I'd ordered and the food delivered to my table could have been significant. Some examples:

ei           as in German is an egg
ui           on the other hand is an onion
en          means AND
uf           means ON
of           means OR
kip        has nothing to do with kippers. I would have received chicken instead of Herring.

Kip says: Did you just call me Herring?
Schnitzel is the same as a German Schnitzel, i.e. a breaded cutlet,
but to hear a Dutch waiter pronounce it is a hoot ;-)

I order a Schnitzel met gebakken champignon, ui, spek, frites en salade (breaded pork cutlet with baked mushrooms, onions, bacon, fries & salad.  At least here they don't subscribe to that brain-dead Fries OR Salad, but I used Google Translate to make sure of that (see EN/OF above).
A Boer-Schnitzel. Mine looked similar to that. Healthy?  (not my pic; not my schnitzel)

The Schnitzel arrives, and I actually get what I thought I ordered!  At first I thought that I got the salad dressing in a separate little pot, but upon encountering whitish stuff in the salad I realize that this is the mayonnaise for the fries. No ketchup. This is Holland ;-)
It all tastes good but after finishing the meat and the salad, I let most of the fries go bad, because the portion is too much for me (Is it time for senior's portions?).

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