Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bloody World Cup (Where are the Google Tour de France Doodles?)

Some days I have a nostalgic moment and I check in this blog where I was and what I was doing exactly one year ago.  And today it just happened that I was in glorious Saint Malo on July 5th, 2013.
The posts of the weeks before that date were adorned by the above Google animated Doodle.  The Tour de France had been in progress during my bike tour and it seemed only appropriate to include this picture on days where I pedalled a lot.

Since le Tour was on exactly one year ago it would be prudent to assume that le Tour is in progress right now. And it is.  But I haven't seen a Google Doodle yet.  Why?  Me thinks all those Google Doodlers are extremely busy designing the twice daily changing Doodles for the Soccer World Cup.  But I don't want Soccer Doodles, I want Cycling Doodles!   So I went looking for some animated cycle gif files.  And I even found two nice ones ;-).



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