Sunday, 13 July 2014

Early morning water games

Good thing photography and beach walks are not considered a sport, otherwise the title would be X rated!

Just a 9 am walk with Manfred, Dieter, Hans & Max along the beach to RC pier and back.  The pictures should will speak for themselves:

Max can't wait to get in the water
Find a tiny stream of running water with shells at the bottom and try to capture the best light refraction

 Sandbanks can come in handy in photography:
The Cow Turd sandbank or The Birth of Venus?

Waves rolling in from the left

Non, rien de rien. Non, je ne regrette rien ...

Dieter looking for the perfect oyster

 And the last bit is about how to train a diving dog!  Just find a water-logged stick that doesn't float at the surface ;-)

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