Monday, 21 July 2014

A Mediterranean breakfast in Walldorf (?? !)

Hotel at 5 am (smoke break)
When I double-checked my confirmation e-mail for this hotel and saw that breakfast was included in the price, I expected the usual run-of-the-mill Canadian continental breakfast crap with paper plates, plastic cutlery, lukewarm lousy coffee and toast and jam that I am used to from Canadian motels with included breakfast.  But that could not have been further from the truth.

Indications have been mounting:  Mediterranean looking personnel, strange (to this western-trained eye) wall coverings, at least 10 Turkish language channels on TV. Then I noticed that the free bottles of spring water in my room had been filled from a spring in Turkey!
And in my mind the breakfast just confirmed it.  In addition to all the usual staples of regular cheeses and cold-cuts, eggs, sausages, jams, etc, I find olives (pitted and unpitted), Feta cheese, sauteed peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, the Turkish version of spinakopita etc etc etc.

An old joke states that the German language has as many words for constipation as the Eskimo language has for snow.  If the German breakfast cuisine is actually developing in this direction, then some of those words might fall out of use soon ;-)

Anyway, the coffee is strong and tastes great and I have to restrain myself from eating too much because it just tastes soooo gooood !

I think this might just have to become my standard hotel for flying to or from Frankfurt!

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