Friday, 25 July 2014

A pilgrimage to Moenchengladbach (or Give me strength and set me free )

There is always something new to see on the square in front of Cologne's main train station
e-bike Rickshaws

But some things never change:
using the steps to the Cathedral plateau as benches

Then Le velo and I are in a train to Moenchengladbach 
 At some place with an unremembered name, I realize that Germans are at least as filthy as the British

Check out which country Venlo is in
I arrive at Moenchengladbach train station, and see the train that will take me out of Germany tomorrow

The first impression I get of Moenchengladbach is coined by a woman stumbling skunk-drunk into the train station elevator and infusing every square inch of breathable air therein instantly with the smell of beer.

But it gets better:  The hotel is very nice and very not expensive. The benefit of being in the boonies ;-)

The view from the room's windows
I have no idea what that is
So I went on a 1 hour train ride to the boonies and have no interest in the local architecture.  
Why am I here?

This is why:

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