Friday, 30 September 2016

Oh, Microsoft, why don't you go and F%%% yourself ?

So my laptop shut down this morning to install an update.  Given that it was unavailable for about 2 hours, I assume it installed the Windows 10 Anniversary update. 

Of course, it did that without warning or (God forbid) asking me whether this is a convenient time (No, it wasn't but fortunately I have a second laptop laying around).

Even after I started it up, it wasn't doing much for about 20 minutes except displaying ridiculous messages like 

"These updates help protect you in an online world".  

I feel so much safer now.  Because my computer screen told me so.

But the really hilarious part MS saved for the very end.  

My AVG FREE Virus program no longer works on the updated Windows.  Everything else works, just NOT my Virus scanner.  Not only that, even a virus program re-install doesn't work.

Never mind the fact that in fact these updates exposed me to all kinds of online threats by disabling my virus scanner, but think about it: 

Do you actually think it is a coincidence that the ONLY programme that no longer works after the update is a virus scanner from the Czech Republic?

If you think THAT is a coincidence, could I maybe interest you in a time-proven pyramid-scheme investment opportunity?   TRUST ME, it's intended to protect you, LOL.

For all those other sheep out there with a less developed herd instinct:

An update to this issue on Oct 23:  Two updates later my sound is back.  But now MS has thought it would be conducive to something if they removed the volume control icon from the task bar. Conducive to what?  Irate users? We'll probably never know.  

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