Sunday, 18 September 2016

Denny's is going upscale (or Who are they trying to kid, LOL, but I'm reaping the benefits)

NO, I'm NOT kidding.  The signs that Denny's is trying to go more upscale are unmistakable.   No No, they didn't get rid of the horrible booths.  No, they're not changing the quality of their menu or the hipness of their waitresses. And no, there is no price increase to suggest to ignant imbeciles that they're getting something special. THAT last market is cornered by The Boathouse in Richmond, LOL.

No, it's the WINE.  NO NO, don't even dare think that they're serving fancy wine at Denny's now.  But I already noticed it yesterday.   "Would you like a drink while you wait" an unknown waitress asks me today.   I only barely refrain from smugging "I thought you'd never ask" and ask for 'white wine'.  BUT HERE IT COMES:  I did the same thing yesterday and this is the reply I got 
 "Would you like a 5 oz or a 9 oz glass of wine?"  
See what I mean. Denny's is going if not up-market then definitely ridiculous.

But here is the CATCH (there always is one ;-). 
Pretty much all of the waitresses here know me. 
And at 9 a.m. a 5 oz glass of wine is enough for me. 
So after my waitress arrives yesterday  with a rather FULL carafe of wine and I ask whether I'm dealing with 5 oz or 9 oz, she answers with a mischievous grin:
"Oh, I don't really know; I just poured. Let's just call it 5 oz"

Try to get THAT kind of service at The Boathouse, LOL !

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