Friday, 30 September 2016

Breathless North of Seattle (or This city makes me sick)

I am riding a bicycle again today.  A few days ago, I spent all day coughing and sleeping.  In the evening, I had to inhale so hard to get an adequate amount of oxygen into my blood that I thought about going to the emergency department of a hospital.  

Vancouver's air quality report on that day. HOW does one 'take it easy' riding a bicycle?
When your average North-American hears in the news that 92% of the world's population has to breathe contaminated air EVERY DAY, most probably think that all those people breathing crap must live in China. Unfortunately, the air in cities like Vancouver is bad enough (see above graphic).

To get an independent air quality report for your city, try the Plume Labs World Air Map.  It lets you choose your city to get a more detailed report.

I feel much better today and most likely it was just a nasty cold but I got a glimpse of what people with chronic breathing issues must go through every single day.

... and INHALE !
Maybe, just maybe, today is the day that you should leave the car in the garage?

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