Monday, 12 September 2016

A positional update LOL (I made it to Corsica after all, NOT)

Bloody translations. No time for the blog. Oh, look what arrived in my inbox WHILE I was typing this short post.  50 more pages to translate?  JUST what I was hoping for.....NOT !!!!

Taking the bike on a train from Germany to France is MUCH more DIFFICULT than cycling from Paris to Frankfurt.

Where have the Gods of Travel dragged me to?


Did I follow the wrong sign?  LOL. Somehow I imagined Corsica to have a much different look & feel !
Rocinante was ecstatic to finally meet a 'real' windmill. Rocinante has been to Belgium before but not to here ...

very sorry not to have seen these two this time around

On a personal note: (??? Wasn't this whole thingy supposed to be personal???). Anyhoo: (yes, I'm on the second glass of wine and the heat must have evaporated half that bottle of Prosecco): 
SO, on a personal note:

Meeting friends in Hesse, receiving a lovely e-mail from a very nice couple in North-Rhine-Westphalia who unfortunately I did not get to meet this time (Next time, T&K!), and only barely NOT visiting my pseudo-relatives in Hesse on account of a chillier than lukewarm response to my announcement that I would be in the neighbourhood, I realize that I was much too slow again in performing the task of constantly updating my priority databases using all of the newest available information.  I promise to do better next time ;-)

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