Saturday, 21 June 2014

Say it as it is. A refreshing interlude at La Regalade.

What honest language this is for Vancouver:

Non! Non ! I aaam not stupide !  You arree a cheap persssonne !

I am sitting in the French restaurant La Regalade in West Vancouver, waiting for a fabulous Quiche Lorraine, when I hear the owner shout these words into the telephone receiver to je ne sais quoi who. 

If this was a typical Vancouverite speaking, it would be all business speak and MBA talk in hushed and apologetic tones, i.e. all phony.  But NO, this guy doesn't engage in that kind of banter.  I start to have faith in humanity again: there is actually people out there who still call a spade a spade ;-)
Salad, Laptop, Quiche

Then the Quiche arrives, and Ou La La, the world is OK again. What a taste ;-)  The food is great; and the wine is delectable too, even though it carries the loathsome name of Pinot GRIGIO.  At some point Italian wine producers started making wines from grey Pinot grapes (pinot gris) and being Italians instead of French, they called it pinot grigio. And Vancouver being what it is, namely ignorant and easily impressed, this became an instant hit. I had conversations with people that were insisting that a Pinot Grigio is a completely different wine from a Pinot Gris!

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