Monday, 9 June 2014

Catching up: Whitecliff Park on Mother's Day (May 11)

I can't remember much of this Mother's Day. At the time George had died 3 days before and was still in Anchorage; I was still jet-lagged from my sudden departure from Hong Kong (I only arrived at YVR on Friday evening),
11 am in Hong Kong; unaware that anything is amiss

5 hours later at Hong Kong Airport, hoping for the best
and Mother's day all of a sudden was very low on my list of priorities. Chantal, Mika, and Conrad were at Whitecliff Park in Horseshoe Bay and I hopped on my e-bike to pedal away my sadness and despair. Obviously that did not work, as the pictures may indicate.
Almost at Whitecliff Park

I'm not even sure why I tried smiling


First Nations people are very wary of crows getting friendly

self-explanatory ?

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