Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Attempt no. 3 (or T minus 70 hours)

One of 10,000 Buddhas in Sha Tin

The first time I tried to go on this trip back in March, the attempt was foiled by Amtrak, who would not transport my bicycle all the way to Berkeley without me boxing it first.  That was even more regrettable since that at that time the trip would have included a cycle-de-force along the California Coast towards Big Sur (For some very nice pictures of Big Sur check out this blog at EMDOT.COM) (No pictures were stolen from that blog).

Turtles in the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

The second time (In April) the plan was to throw the bicycle in the back of the pick-up truck and drive 1500 km to San Francisco.  Again the objectives were to visit my friend Alan and his family and to ride Le Velo over Golden Gate Bridge.  Since my nerves had already been tested severely by Vancouver traffic, I decided that a 1500 km drive in a pick-up truck probably would not be too beneficial for my emotional well-being. 

The view from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Hong Kong

So I choose the absolutely car-driving-free destination of Hong Kong instead.  The effect that his alternate destination ended up having on my emotional well-being can in no way be blamed on Hong Kong ;-)

So now it is time for attempt No. 3.  Le Velo stays in Vancouver, I'm flying, and the bicycle will have to be a rental.  Golden Gate here I come !

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