Sunday, 8 June 2014

Catching up: Waving to cruise ships (Friday May 23rd)

Where are you?

Taking the ferry to Vancouver last Tuesday, for the very first time I spent the entire trip in that slightly wind-sheltered spot right below the bridge at the front of the ferry, staring into the distance.

But this is today: Friday, the 23rd of May 2014.
Dr. J's wife is taking a cruise to Alaska, and Dr. J, Denise, Hans, et moi are at a beach to wave Good Bye. What goes on in my head  is of an entirely different nature, but it also has to do with a loved one vanishing into majestic scenery.

Dr. J waving at someone else's wife ;-)

After all the excitement of waving at cruise ships has waned, I head off on a solitary walk.

This tele-shot shows that waving at cruise ships can be quite exhausting ;-)

I keep on walking, trying to discover some meaning out there. 

Then I try to get a shot of the wood, the sail  boat and the island.

But what is that on the left edge of the pic above?  Well, Well!  Turns out we all were waving at the wrong ship. Dr. J's wife is on this one ;-)

Have a great journey !

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