Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Beach IV: Glorious Light, remembering what is important, refreshing provisions

STILL too many things to take care off.  Finishing that translation is sitting at #1.

I doze off for another half hour but am wide awake at 5 am to head out to walk and swim in the dawn light.  

Not quite steady-handed this early in the morning

But improving rapidly ;-)

 One of the other 6 or 7 beach walkers this morning greets me in English "Good Morning".  Things are changing rapidly here. I hope for the better but the Cassandra inside me has her doubts.

 time to go in !

I find a plastic bag in the ocean and on the way back fill it with individual sandals and drinking cups

I call Grandma who missed the solar eclipse.  And she doesn't think it's a big deal.  Maybe not.  

But I VIVIDLY remember when I left in the middle of a university history lecture 29 years ago to watch and photograph a partial solar eclipse.  Not only was the professor nonplussed but no one among the other students showed a hint of understanding for such a non-professional conduct either.   

Bunch of Artsies, LOL.
The 2017 eclipse was not visible in Vietnam. But if it had been, I'm CERTAIN that I would have left whatever I was doing to watch Science in action for a few minutes.


After I showed him that his wooden toy car would roll along the top of the unevenly placed breakfast table, T doesn't move away from my side anymore.   Nothing seems to be more amazing than me catching the car in my hand after it falls over the opposite table edge.   

I was going to drive to Quy Nhon this morning, but maybe I should have another nap first?


I've donned ankle- and wrist-long clothing and prepare to hop on the scooter when I change my mind.  I'm ALREADY drenched in sweat.  THIS is NOT the time to ride a scooter for 35 km there and 35 km back.  I'd be fried AND steamed by the time I got back.

So I head back into my room to do some work in the cool.  I can head into town later today.

I REALLY need to COOL DOWN with a swim after receiving an e-mail from TripAdvisor.  I've improved some of their listings in this area recently and added a few new ones, including the hotel where I'm staying.   2 days ago I did the research (address, map info, etc) for the beach restaurant right next door.  Today I get an e-mail that it doesn't meet their requirements.  WHAT is wrong with these people.  
But it's actually a good thing.  I've been providing Pearls to Pigs.  
 Do I need TripAdvisor or does TripAdvisor need me?    And what do I get for it?

So I've made the decision to NEVER again write another TripAdvisor review ;-)   OK, let me qualify, unless superfriendly owners of a restaurant or hotel BEG me to.   
What am I going to do with all that free time?    Oh, I'm sure I can think of something, LOL.  Maybe I'll spend that time on learning Vietnamese.  Finish all those past blog posts that are still lingering in limbo.   That would be a much better Benefit / Time spent ratio than throwing more pearls in the direction of pigs in an arrogant for-profit corporation ;-)

Hakuna Matata, TripAdvisor !

The new Me
I've been at The Beach for four days now and already I'm able again to better distinguish what is important and what is not.  
What is the title of this blog again? LOL   


Oh, why not?

I mean, it doesn't get any prettier than this, does it?


Time for a change of scenery.
I hop on the scooter and head towards Quy Nhon.

Still life with cows?  Cow life?  Bovine life?

Cruising on a scooter along here?  Hell YES!

Wy is there, Bao is there, and they know my name.  I DO FEEL like NORMAN at Cheers, LOL.  How did the Cheers song go? Where everybody knows your name.  I feel bad that I actually never asked for the name of the nice female server. 

Ts Ts. Still ways to improve myself ;-)
Life's a Beach Seafood menu
How about Fat Squid stuffed with mince and fried? NO. Squid is out.
Ok, let's go with octopus.
NO. Octopus is out.  
But squid isn't out after all; only the one I wanted
OK, let's go with Calamari then.

Big C

I buy everything I need and some stuff for the hotel.  I figure out quickly that I can fit THREE full size wine bottles into the hollow space under the scooter seat that is meant to accommodate the spare helmet. 
GREAT. Much less weight on my shoulders.

17:30 Back at the hotel.

OMG, dinner time soon.  I must cancel the fixed dinner appointment thing. It's having an effect on me. I feel restrained in planning my day and evening.   Almost like mother saying "Be home by 6!  Or ELSE !  (I will regret this paragraph soon!)

Just before walking over to M&B's place, I notice some strange colour outside.  I RUN to the beach to get the shot before it vanishes.  

 I've NEVER seen colours like this in the evening !

When I walk along the beach 5 minutes later, the colour show is gone. It's been replaced by the standard view with the first lights of the fishing boats becoming visible.

Sitting at M's place both M and I are sweating.  There is absolutely NO air movement.  Add the MOIST 30 degree evening air and you're sweating 2 minutes after putting on fresh clothes.   The weather forecast says: 30 C Feels like 45.  Does it ever, LOL.

Yesterday I mentioned that I like Bach Tuoc (Octopus) and today it's on the table.  Thank You, M.!

After writing the above paragraph  I feel shamed in view of the amazing hospitality offered here ;-) 


The outside air feels stifling hot.  I don't even want to leave my air-conditioned room for a cigarette and that's saying a lot, LOL.

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