Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Rest in peace, Manuel Noriega or The story of Dr. Faustus is still relevant today

Manuel Noriega today died at the age of 83.

No, Manuel Noriega probably wasn't a nice man.

But then you shouldn't speak ill of the dead. 

Hear that Justin Trudeau?  In my eyes, your legacy evaporated in a puff of flatulence the very moment you swallowed your own tiny balls when you did not attend your father's friend's Fidel Castro's funeral.
there is only ONE MAN in this picture 

And your spine dissolved with the last bit of your credibility the moment you decided to ask an Argentinian living in Rome (who happens to be the Pope) for an apology for atrocities that CANADIANS committed on residents of CANADA in residential schools that were located in CANADA and were sanctioned by the CANADIAN government.  
Here is a picture of the staff of a Canadian residential school in Brandon, Manitoba circa 1940.  I don't see the pope in there, just a bunch of your tragically but typically self-righteous and proud Canadians.  

And this little Trudeau weasel has the audacity of asking the pope for an apology?   You got to be kidding me !  Happy 150th, you whiners !

But this post is about Noriega.  

Does anyone actually still believe the propaganda about him drinking children's blood spread by the US to justify the invasion of Panama?  

Oh right. This is the real world, so a lot of people probably still do, LOL.

But the point I'm trying to make here (more or less unsuccessfully, I freely admit) is that Noriega was a tragic figure.  He spent about 1/3rd of his life in prison. WHY you ask?

Well, he was a puppet of the CIA and was very WELL LIKED in the US for a VERY long time. 

It was only when he refused to do his puppet-master's bidding that he was portrayed as the devil incarnate in the media.

And he paid a horrible price.  He died in his home country of Panama but was despised by his own country-men and -women.

Speaking of the devil:  Carefully consider to whom Noriega sold HIS soul.  
And then think about who YOUR soul belongs to !  

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