Friday, 19 May 2017

NOT AGAIN : Post Lag necessitates a Positional Tracer

Either I'm traveling too fast from one place to the next. Or I'm staying in a place where I'm having to much fun with new or (most likely) old friends.  2 or 3 weeks into a trip, I seem to always hopelessly fall behind with my blog posts.

So ....

Just so no-one thinks I've gone missing in the Medina de Tunis:

The train to Sousse

Sousse Medina

My 1001 Alladins bed ;-)

Tunisians must be kind & gentle people ;-)

The train to Tunis

If I knew what that tree was called.  Lavender-coloured flowers and German Feet in Tunis

The Banana-Nutella Crepe at Tunis Airport

Graffiti on a congested-highway bridge in Paris

Rising above the streets of Paris
Gare du Nord

Maria-Himmelfahrt church in Cologne

Salzburg Airport
Sleeping with priests ... (Talk about a double entendre ;-)
(That's what you get when you forbid priests to watch porn, LOL)

My old (LOL, another double entendre) friend Seamus and Ruadhán (the Red)

Freedom of movement

A short leisure cruise from Europe to Asia and back, LOL
My first ever Raki !

So there: IF I GET LOST ....
... my photo should go on Turkish wine bottles !

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