Friday, 1 April 2016

Strange days (The stuff one thinks about lying in bed for four days)

THIS SONG kind of goes with this post.  Kind of...

I suspect there was a post of this title before.  Written around the same time of year, I suspect.

And I almost cut my hair the other day.  But I didn't, and I know why. It's because I had the flu on Wednesday instead.

Grandma asks me for my mother's telephone number today. The two haven't talked in YEARS, but today is mother's birthday. Later in the afternoon I learn about the content of the birthday telephone call and regret having provided the telephone number. I made it possible for someone to spew negative energy all the way across the North American continent and the Atlantic.

Someone who was here last summer and who has spent the last weeks in homeless shelters in Calgary (and a few nights outside in the open) arrives today in Vancouver. A simple Greyhound ticket reduced Calgary's homeless number by 1.  Now that he's here, all of a sudden he gets called 'X's friend' instead of 'Y's cousin'. Strange people.

Speaking of X, the other one, the one from the bridge. who made me cycle to St Pauls Hospital for nothing at 9 am in the freezing cold on Good Friday.  He called the other day to say thank you (answering the phone when I was freezing would have been preferable) and that he made it back safely to Calgary. Calgary?  Yes, the two almost passed each other.

Easter is over.  Temperatures are getting warmer. I think it might have been on Sunday, when I cycled again over Lions Gate Bridge.  The wind wasn't a wind. It was a storm.  White caps for as far as the eye could see. Joggers were being blown back and forth and from side to side in their efforts to jog a straight line across the bridge.  My bicycle is leaning at an angle against the wind that is coming from the ocean.  I can feel that my face is being deformed by the air pressure of the gusts.  And all of a sudden that thought is in my head, for just a split second. A necessary defuser: No, I'm not suicidal and anyone reading this who ever had suicidal thoughts, PLEASE talk to a friend, a good bartender, a helpline, or a doctor. PLEASE!  

Anyhoo, where was I?  Right. I was in a storm. The kind of storm where seagulls ducking close to the beach surface only have to spread their wings and they're airborne.  Maybe it was that image that generated my thought. For a split second, I thought "If I jump now and spread my arms, I will be able to fly". Fortunately, this astrophysicist is not suicidal, likes high speed along the horizontal more than along the vertical, and most importantly knows full well that my arms do NOT have the aerodynamic shape REQUIRED to pull off human flight.   But it was a cute thought for that fraction of a second ;-)

Now if I had been wearing a WINGSUIT on my bicycle, that would have been something ;-)

A famous woman architect died yesterday.  She was overweight and 65 years old. Not only does that remind me of my spare mother (same cause of death: heart attack)  but some of the stuff she designed makes me think that Gaudi's ideas have not been forgotten.

Every time a laptop dies and I have to buy a new one I am APPALLED by the amount of advertising on websites. Am I the only one that feels that this ad-onslaught is overdoing it and within 5 minutes of being exposed to it installs ADBLOCK or one of its cousins?  There are people out there that put up with this insanity of ad-madness?   Oh. Remember title.  There are girls being raped by the UN blue helmets supposedly sent to rescue them. There are people voting for Trump.   
OF COURSE people put up with ad madness.   Has the human race subdivided into Homo Sapiens and Homo SubSapiens?  If this is what 'democracy' and 'freedom' refer to these days, a few ancient Greeks are rotating in their long lost graves.  No wonder Zombie TV shows are so popular. North America is populated by the Living Dead!  Try to detect a sign of life worth living in the eyes of one of those stretched 70 year olds you have to squeeze past in the shampoo aisle.  But they're living the American Way of Life which apparently is worth protecting. I witness an example when a fat mid 50s couple (it's hard to judge age with those layers of fat; they might be younger than me) devours a dish as an appetizer that is too big for me as a main course.  Bon apetite!

I'm watching 47 Ronin with Keanu on Netflix (Thank you D!) and I almost book a ticket to Tokyo. But after realizing that the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing is August 6 and not May 8, as I had erroneously assumed and based my travel plans on, I take distance from that plan for now.  Ah well, I'll see Saki and Hiroshima another day ;-)

She already possessed great outer AND inner beauty at the age of 15 and I'd like to see what has become of her ;-)

In some time period after it was discovered that Volkswagen cheated the emissions-testing authorities, it's customers, standards of human decency, and the planet, sales of VWs dropped 20% in the UK, 25% in the US, and 2% in Germany.  Seems that Germans are as critical of what the big guys do wrong as ever ;-(

Rot in Hell, Volkswagen !!!
I have already completed this post and I am working on a translation, when I see it. A small advertisement on the page of a German-English dictionary website advertising prices for flights from Vancouver to Tokyo.  FUCK YOU!   I actually DID install Adblock and this shit is STILL getting through? Freedom and liberty?  My Ass!  People get upset at Fois Gras because the food gets forced with funnels down the geese's gullet to produce it. No one seems to get upset at the advertising crap being forced down our throats to produce what? 
You got it. CONSUMERS !  
And it's getting to the point where we have as much choice about it as those geese.  


P.S.:  Remember! You DO have a choice ;-)  

P.P.S: A new waitress at Denny's get's that look on her face, when I walk in at 9:15 am and order a glass of white wine and cheesecake for breakfast.  She is saved from embarrassing herself by one of the 3 graces that have worked at Denny's for a few years and have got to know me well.  It's a competition between them, who can fill my glass of wine the fullest and get it to my table without spilling a drop.  This time it is Regina, who calls from a distance away "I got it. I got it!".  What good is freedom if you don't make use of it ??? 

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