Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Back to the grind (RC to Langdale to Vancouver par velo)

I wake up well-rested and excited to tackle the day.   Maybe I'm heeding the message of my little motivational item that I posted on Facebook last night:

How many more springs do you have? Get out there and look and sniff and feel as if it was your last spring!

I pack my saddle bags, early practice for Europe in June, accept a new translation project, and get ready to pedal back to Vancouver.  I get to the Chinese restaurant in Gibsons in a record time of under 25 minutes!  At the time of this writing, 12:38, Hans & Denise, who are taking the CAR, are 8 minutes (and counting) late. The arrive at the table at 12:44. Ah well, my ferry doesn't leave until 2:30 pm and I'm on CT (Coast Time ;-).

How is this as a location for CHEAP & GOOD Chinese food?

Mongolian Chicken tastes as good as ever and I am now endlessly obliged to my host for paying for my overindulging wine consumption. Kamsa Hamnida, Hans!

I reach Langdale before the ferry and notice another cyclist (in shape and on a super-fast road bike) ogling my bike. Seems he entered the main road behind me (on my way to lunch) and couldn't quite fathom why he couldn't catch up with this older guy riding a bike with panniers. Now he knows why but I let him know that I can't believe how people like him get even close to my speed without a battery. (In Horseshoe Bay he will put his bike on the BUS though ;-(

The air starts stinking again halfway between Horseshoe Bay and Dundarave, where a Maserati and a Ferrari (I kid you not) go as fast as 60 km/h to pass this cyclist going 40 in a 30 zone.                                                                                 I'm whispering to Karma 'please let them have got stuck in this' when I cruise by the usual grid-lock around Park Royal 10 to 15 minutes later.                                                                                        But then, experience has taught me that Karma does quite well without a prompter;-)

A visit to Grandma (more pedaling) is quite uneventful. I open one of her white wine bottles of 1975 vintage and am amazed to see that there already is almost a whole glass missing. Corks LEAK after 40 years!
The taste is not the same as it was 40 years ago. It tastes more like alcoholic fruit punch now.  Can't complain ;-)
Another bike ride in the evening and on the way back to North Vancouver I am rewarded with a spectacular view of the setting sun reflecting in the glass façades of down town and an almost full moon reflecting in the harbour.

Good Night, world, stay safe!

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