Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Country Living ( Life-of-Chris potpourri on the Sunshine Coast)

So I'm sitting on a couch doing something on the computer, when out of the corner of my eye I see an OLD yellow Lab start HUMPING the naked foot of his owner.  Not wanting to witness this and the unavoidable conclusion I head to the kitchen to refill my wine. That's when I hear the owner shouting "Chris! Can you bring me a napkin???" 

AAARGHHH!  I decide that I have to instantly cycle to the store to get more booze and to get to the door I walk through the living room again when I see the dog LICKING its owners foot.  


Thanks A LOT. NEVER AGAIN will I be able to watch a dog licking its owner's face again without having second thoughts !!!!!!

no, No, NOOOOO!

NOT (!!!) my kind of thing.

A bottle of Copper Moon Sauvignon Blanc quickly brings peace to my world again.

So do two images seen on FB


Donald's Grandfather was born less than 100 kms from the little German town that I was born in!
He he he ;-)

I fall asleep for an hour (blame it on the wine or on all the cycling) and when I wake up am royally rewarded by some delicious duck for dinner (alliterations abound!).  I burn my friggin fingers when my hand touches the hot handle but that's worth-while to get a feel of that fabulous fowl.  Thank you, my gracious Gastgeber!
One-legged duck ;-)

And the sun rises again ;-)  And it's WARM today. That's what the forecast had predicted but then it's safer to wait for the actual weather than believing the forecast in this town ;-)

Almost awake
The Pervert Dog is trying to use camouflage to hide from my eyes(see that embarrassed look on his face?).

A giant strange bird is doing acrobatics to use the feeder that is definitely not made for a bird of its size.

Time to Hop onto the bike and fly towards Sechelt.
During the mandatory stop at Davis Bay, I get my feet wet. I'm wearing sandals for a reason ;-)

Some things are so big they need to be towed

"I'll start building that bridge to the mainland"

HELL NO!  There's FISH in there !

Now here is a question: Do people at Davis Bay dress to match the colours of the public washroom building?

Or did they paint the public washroom building to match people's attire?

Back to the Vietnamese restaurant in Sechelt. This time it is spicy chicken on noodles.  Not a single green pepper in the veggies, only yellow and red peppers.  Cam On for not being cheap at the expense of the culinary arts.

Stop at Davis Bay on the way back.

another example of 'Man plans and God laughs'
I buy some more Copper Moon and promptly fall asleep for 2 hours on the couch

Since it is almost 5 pm when I wake up, I'm not the least bit shy to start the day with a glass of wine ;-)

My hosts have guests over, and these include an older German widow by the name of Marlene.  I have no idea how old she is (North of 75?), but she has a ZEST for life.  She reminds me immensely of Frau Besuch, the woman with the Turkish coffee, the Gugelhupf, and the cigarettes who I used to visit until she died at the age of 89 a little more than a year ago.  Frau Besuch might be gone but it's nice to see that there are other fabulous women like her out there. 

Tutto Bene, Marlene !

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