Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wednesday: Venice Beach to Hermosa Beach

Check-out time is 11 am and I leave the hotel at 10:50. No point going earlier, the room in the next hotel might not be ready yet, if I arrive too early.
Alan sells good stuff (in-joke)

Denise is fast (another in-joke)

Today's pee stop is the Jamaica Bay Inn in Marina del Rey, where they have rolled-up hand towels today (Just like at the Ritz -) and the two female receptionists greet me on my way in and wish me a good day on the way out.  Surprising, because the combination of not having shaved in days, the road rash, toothpaste marks on my shirt, and the backpack on my back really makes me look like a 'transient'. When I check Google to double-check their name, Google suggests Jamaica Bay Inn bedbugs.  Ah well, I'm just peeing there ;-)

Next stop is Thai  East Wind restaurant again, where they all giggle when I enter for the 3rd time in 24 hours and want to know where I am from. This time they grant my invitation to make the curry spicy, but I can tell they're still too careful ;-(

While chewing I witness a person coming in and apologizing to the owner "I'm sorry I am late, but traffic from East LA was SO BAD".  This is LA. Don't you expect bad traffic? That excuse is even lame in Vancouver !
When  I approach the corner of Washingotn & Lincoln, I see a Big Blue Bus going in my direction. I jog to the corner and see it is a #3 bus, MY BUS. The bus, which runs only every 30 minutes, is still at the red light on my side of the cross street and the bus stop is on the other side. The bus driver makes eye contact, I indicate the bus stop and make running motions, and he nods!  And he waits for me at the bus stop!  THANK YOU, Mr. Bus Driver!

I have to change buses at LAX bus terminal, and see the bus I'm supposed to take letting passengers out in another bay. More running.  The driver informs me that he will take on passengers at the far opposite end of the bus terminal. MORE RUNNING. While I'm running, my cell phone rings. It's Grandma. NOT NOW. When I get to the relevant bay, the bus changes drivers and I am informed that the bus won't take on passengers for another 10 minutes.  Phuuu. Time to call Grandma  back  !

Half an hour later I get off right in front of my hotel (Why do people have cars here?)
To translate Californian to English:  This is the WEST coast, so obviously it's SUNSET senior living. And we put your demented parents in an area with a locked fence around it. So don't worry!
1/2 mile away I find a CVS pharmacy and buy shaving blades, polysporin,  and chardonnay.  All the bases covered

Yuppie business strip of Hermosa Beach


I keep on walking and end up at Hermosa beach pier. There are a lot of Irish pubs here. Hermosa an Irish name?  I make the mistake of ordering Calamari in one of those pubs (the one with the best ocean view). 

Lousy calamari but nice view

Instead of walking back the way I came, I decide to walk back along the beach. A good thing too. Within 5 minutes I am rewarded with numerous refresher reminders to keep doing the things I do.

Still life with kelp and seagull remnants

Hermosa Beach
Dead Seagull
Dead Pelican or Heron
It's mate?
View towards Redondo Beach and (behind the hill) Long Beach
Manhattan Beach Pier
 In  the evening I will pass CVS again on a 2 km return walk to Thai Top restaurant. Yummy ;-)

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