Monday, 20 April 2015

News from Sodom (or Don't look back when you're leaving Vancouver)

NO, not what you are thinking right now!  

Play THIS SONG for a at least temporally fitting accompaniment.

This all started when I wanted to know what the citizens of Gomorrah did wrong to earn their demise by fire and brimstone. I thought that I knew the reason for Sodom earning the wrath of the lord.  Was I ever wrong!

Yes, there is an account of an attempted Gang Rape of two visiting male angels (think long blond hair ;-) attempted by pretty much all male citizens of Sodom. But a bit of further reading reveals that it's not actually the homosexual act that is considered the grievous sin, but that it was the lack of hospitality to strangers and the lack of help and compassion for the poor are the unforgivable sins that are responsible for the shit hitting the fan. 

WIKIPEDIA writes a decent account of this, but I can't resist re-telling one story.  Apparently it was considered fun giving gold coins with one's name imprinted on them to starving people, but none of the merchants would accept such a coin as payment for food.  Once the poor people had starved despite being in possession of a gold coin, the original owner of the coin would get it back.

And now the titbit about Lot's wife being told not to look back finally makes sense.  Scum. No great loss.

Now, is offering a homeless person a cigarette for setting his own hair on fire so very different?  
Hasn't anyone considered that this might not be wise behaviour in a city that is overdue for a Magnitude 9 Earthquake?
Yes, Vancouver, I'm talking about you.

Another aspect of this is:  Who was the best spin doctor in all of history that managed to blame the demise of these two cities on a homosexual act instead of lack of compassion, a feat that was obviously accomplished when one considers the English word Sodomy?

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