Monday, 20 April 2015

Checking out a different place (and NOT looking back for fear of turning into a salt pillar)

Time to take a plane again and see yet another place that I haven't seen yet.  Despite recent two-wheeled misadventures, that should include renting a bicycle to see the city. I am NOT NOT renting a car, because I'm going to the only city in North America that has worse traffic congestion than Vancouver.

Not my picture

Los Angeles.  

Anxiety creeps into my mind when I look at the above image.  Where in that giant maze should one be?  Compared to this, San Francisco is a tiny village where everyone knows everyone.  This on the other hand is scary!  I might have to resort to my old method of finding the highest point and the water.

Even looking at the public transit map fills me with trepidation. I left these images at their original sizes (so you might have to scroll a bit), because sizing them down would take away from their enormity.  Where does one want to be in such a monstrosity? Metro LA has more than 13 Million inhabitants.  That is more people than in all of Belgium !!!

... to be continued....

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