Sunday, 7 January 2018

3 nights in Bangkok (no oysters though ;-)

The first morning in Bangkok.  We're both up at 3:30 with jet lag.


About time to leave the building and show Zu the sights.
Let there be light !

The Khlong is awakening..

Plumeria !!!!!

I'm happy to see his image still on display.  The Good Man of Siam.
There are no better peanuts than the ones you buy in a hole in the wall where the seller asks "You want salt?".

2nd breakfast

The first excursion is the Golden Mount.  I take some great pictures (ok, good ones), but accidentally delete them all when I'm trying to clear up the OLD storage chip inside the NEW camera ;-(   This stock photo will have to do.

After a mediocre Fish & Chips at Canal View it's time for a nap

Well, let me qualify that. I WOULD have slept a good sleep if the new neighbours right next door weren't the type to LOUDLY SHOUT good night to someone right in front of our door.   Manners?   Not in the dictionary anymore, apparently. They continue to prove their peasant manners by moving their chairs in the common area without lifting them (by now it is 1 in the morning and someone is trying to sleep only 10 feet away)  So I finish my wine between midnight and 1;30, sleep until 3:00 again and commence the day ;-)

What would a Monk-feeding be without a stupid tourist standing right next to it?

 In a brief stop inside a 7-Eleven, I finally get the times when the booze fridge is UNLOCKED. 11:00-14:00 & 17:00-00:00.  Odd hours, but then I don't have a choice (except building up a reserve, LOL).

OK, it's time to show Zu at least a few of the standard Bangkok sites ....

Plumeria at Wat Whatsitcalled
Wat Pho: The Reclining Buddha ;-)
Why are these tourists locked up?
They're NOT.  Just trying to get a good picture of the whole length of the loooooong sleeping guy....
Like this:
And here is his back ....

Old Man in front of end-of-days sky:

While we're here, let's just take the little boat over to Wat Arun. Since July ticket prices increased from 3.5 Baht to 4 Baht per trip per person.
Zu finally lets her guard down  ;-)
Our legs are telling us that they don't want to walk any more, so we take the SAME BOAT right back.

Just as when I was sitting in this restaurant in July, the COOK grabs my camera, briefly fiddles with it, and then takes a picture of me/us.   But this time I know right away that that she will stick out her hand at time of bill payment for a tip for that picture ;-)

After walking back for 2.6 km, I feel justified in buying TWO bottles of wine at 7-Eleven.
I sit down (jubilant legs), have my first sip of wine, and check Google News.  I shouldn't have.  Only 6 days ago there were many news articles declaring that 2017 was the safest year to travel in a jet engine plane EVER.   Today an empty plane backed into a plane carrying passengers and caught fire.  HOW can that happen?  No idea.  And the worst part:  I'm not the least surprised that it happened in Canada.  A Mari usque ad Mare:  From the First world to the Third.   Go Canada Go !  
But worry NOT, because Canada's Junior Hockey Team beat Sweden to win the Gold.  Canada is the greatest country on the planet, eh?  Go Canada Go !

8 pm Canal View Restaurant.  It's a good thing I have Zu with me; we share dishes so I don't have to eat the whole fat tourist portion.

Try as I may, I'm again wide awake at 3:15. 


Time for a morning walk.  
 How about Wat Intharawihan?   
 It's close by and it's impressive, LOL. 

 Unfortunately NOT as impressive as in July, when the giant Buddha was not getting a facial behind scaffolding. 

10:15 a last glass of wine at Canal View and On Y Va, it's time to head to the airport.

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