Friday, 8 September 2017

Another Long Day: A journey to Krautistan (YVR to FRA)

It's the standard routine before leaving town.   Two hours of sleep will have to do and hopefully will ensure that I will sleep in the plane.

5 am 

Laundry and Pack

Drive the excess bags to Grandma's and say Au Revoir.


Return the rental car


Cycle to West Vancouver for some last minute banking.


Last Breakfast at Denny's and store the bike with the saddle bag in the hotel.


Bus & Skytrain to the airport


A glass of OVERPRICED wine (CAD$ 11.50 for a 5 once glass) at LIFT Bar in Vancouver Airport, but the Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc is Yummy.  But for that SAME price I've bought a BOTTLE of outstanding Chilean Sauvignon Blanc in Vietnam ;-)

Wow 1; that flight wasn't long enough.  I could have slept more, LOL.  I was pretty much only awake for meals.  I didn't even watch a single movie.

9:00 am Central European Time

Wow 2: Within 20 minutes from touch-down, I have walked the endless corridors of FRA airport, passed an automated-gate passport control, had a cigarette, and have stepped onto the bus that is going to take me to my hotel.   Try THAT in Vancouver ;-(


I'm in my hotel room in Walldorf


Martins Thai Bistro. My Sri-Lankan regular restaurant when staying close to FRA.
  I order the Octopus Curry with Rice and I'm amazed.  My selection of places to eat when in Bangkok still needs to improve because the Thai food here in Frankfurt beats quite a few of the dishes I ate when in Bangkok.  But I limited my choice of eating venue over there by tying to eat where I could drink wine.  NOT the best idea in Thailand.


I get some sad news from Roberts Creek.  My dog friend Max had reached an age and a degree of decrepitude so that his owners saw no other way but to let him sleep away.  

I'm sure there are lots of balls to fetch where he went ;-)

I hear from April. She's getting MARRIED at 6 pm on Saturday, South Carolina time.   I'm very happy for her.  

NEW episodes of THE EXPANSE on Netflix.  OMG, the first season of that show was SO AMAZING, I actually bought the books that this series is based on.  Never read them, but here is the 2nd season.

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