Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Importance of being Early (and Earnest of course ;-) or Sunrise Swim Time

First of all:  NO.  I'm not going to tell you where this is.  Pure selfishness. 

That's right.  I want to keep THIS spot to myself (Good luck with that, LOL)

5 am

Is that light at the horizon?

Gulp coffee, don the swim trunks, grab cigarettes & camera !

I thought I was early.  But I notice the gaggle of about 7 Vietnamese women (the tiny bumps at the bottom rightish shore) that already sit on the beach and chit-chat while waiting for the sun.  
... some initially barking dogs that quickly get used to the Westerner

Oh, you're wondering what's up with the title. ...
Yesterday Dutch guy heard me talking about the sunrise and said that he would get up early today to see it too.
But when I leave my room ....
.... his curtains are still closed ....
... so he's missing all this ...
... but he's staying one more night here, and at breakfast this morning .....

.... he promised himself to do better tomorrow. 

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So there:
The Importance of being Early!
I can't describe the feeling that overwhelms me when I stand there with my feet in the warm water and see this unfolding around me.  Think tearing up.

Something's happening ;-)

There SHE is !!!!

Well, the sun is up.
Sunrise mission accomplished I guess.

So my thoughts turn to different issues ....
I think this spot will do, LOL

In I go ....

The Vietnamese are living in Paradise.   

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