Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Phnom Penh Day 1: Work, Eat, Work, Shop, Eat, Sleep

I simply passed out at 8 pm last night.  Work, a Buddha, changing country capital cities, and more work just sucked the life out of me, I guess.

So It's no surprise that I wake up at 2:30 am.

After a bit of translating, I sleep like a log again from 4 to 6 am.

And the sun is rising.  In a spot that is completely different from the one that I'm used to here, LOL.

And it doesn't angle sideways towards the South when it has cleared the horizon.  It goes up pretty much VERTICALLY from the horizon, the entire time until Noon shining straight onto my balcony. Freaky! 
The breakfast terrace is still LOCKED at 7:05 am.    

5 hours on this?  It's an acquired taste ! (not my pic)
I'm considering NOT flying from here to Vietnam in a few days but taking a boat down the Mekong to Chau Doc.  The company's web site states that everyone needs a Vietnam Visa to get on-board except citizens of 5 European countries (including Germany) who are visa exempt until June 30, 2017.  Hmm.  June 30, 2017 was 12 days ago !   I can't believe that my Mekong River boat trip is going to fail for the SECOND TIME because of Vietnam Visa issues.  Ah well, I try reserving a seat on that boat anyway; we'll see what happens.

Breakfast is open at 7:45.  But Grandma, The Pink Lady's mother is NOT there. I sincerely hope she is OK.

11:15 am

Wow.  I NEEDED this trip.  I'm going to SLEEP so much in the coming week, LOL.
The internet in this place had its issues back in January but now it is bordering on useless. I tried buying a plane ticket from Da Nang to Bangkok before my nap and 5 attempts failed because the Wifi disconnected.  But then maybe my credit card has been revoked too, who knows, LOL.

Maybe I should head to La Croissette, the restaurant with the horrible tourist guests (Think PERVERT tattooed on the foreheads of 65 year old males), the excellent food, and the good Wifi?  

I'm just about to do that when Microsoft pisses me off again.  

I want to restart my computer to check whether that fixes the internet issues. It gives me the options  1) Restart & 2) UPDATE and Restart.  

 I choose 1), i.e. NO update at this time.  
You can guess what it does.  It shuts down and proceeds to install the updates.   

I NEED a Linux computer again !

Something I notice EVERY time I"m here: just WHY is the sky so BIG in this country?

Then I walk over there in my HIGHLY irritated state to La Croissette.  The last time I've been here was SIX MONTHS ago and the waitress recognizes me and even asks me while touching my shoulder "And how is everything with you?". 

My computer all of a sudden works like a charm (Good WiFi here), so I book my flight from Da Nang to Bangkok at the end of the month while eating Kampot Pepper Squid.

 A Thai Air Asia ticket bought from as referred from
 (the latter is the site you want to book your flights with) will get me from Da Nang to Bangkok (a 1.5 hour flight) for CAD$ 128 ;-). 
The world might be in the middle of the greatest mass extinction even ever with global warming about to generate 100 Million refugees in the next 15 years (So, are you STILL driving your car?????), but my world just became fabulous again.


Back at the hotel.  I ask the owner for the Lobby WiFi password.  Instead of just giving it to me she says "I will check".

This infuriates me almost to no end, until I get a phone call in my room 5 minutes later.  They're asking me to move to the 4th floor.  4th floor?   Unobstructed Mekong view?  Hell, YES.  Of course, the real reason is that they don't know how to fix the WiFi on the first floor and find it easier just to move me to a floor where the WiFi works. They REALLY need some hotel management skills, LOL.

It starts raining.

It starts POURING.
Now that is a WET Vietnamese flag ;-)

Is the world going to end?  Nope. It stops half an hour later.  And starts again. And stops again.  But it doesn't cool this place down; au contraire.  It just gets MUGGY.


I'm in my new room on the 4th floor (5th floor for you North-Americans who count the ground floor as the 1st floor).
WiFi is working great up here.  The view is AMAZING.  
Why yes, that is the way to VIETNAM !
In return, the TV doesn't work, as I find out when I try to turn it on after Fucking Microsoft Windows pulls the second UPDATE shutdown against my wishes on me today.   

Evening cruise about to cross the reflection of the Russian Monster Hotel.

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