Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Elmer to Portsmouth (A ferry is waiting !)

Bay of Biscay?  No, not yet. It all starts with me waking up at 6 am (Amazing bed with 4 (four) pillows at The Elmer B&B in Elmer).  Right across the street is the Indian Restaurant where we had delicious lunch yesterday.

A full English Breakfast is included in the room rate of The Elmer, but when waiting to board the ferry about 8 hours later, I will regret having eaten it.

I'm not sure a short Cul-de-sac needs such a descriptive road sign
Elmer is 3 miles east of Bognor Regis, a town I stayed in during my trip 3 years ago and which I didn't like one bit.  But it has an impressive tent-thingy:

I am wearing my new rain jacket, so naturally we don't see a single drop of rain all day (actually there is that beginning of a sprinkling, but we flee into a church and someone has mercy with us and the rain stops.

During a short break I re-enact the Bottle of Britain with the help of a CHEAP bottle of Sauvignon Blanc bought at Stainsbury's yesterday.  
What do you mean it's really called 'Battle of Britain''?

The following pictures are a lesson that it's ALWAYS worth it exploring those small roads that lead off the main road that you're travelling on:

Back on the main road, we roll into Portsmouth and find the ferry terminal almost as if we were led by divine guidance (OK, so I'm prety good at reading maps).

After more than one hour of exasperating waiting to be allowed to board  (Some part of that Full English Breakfast REALLY is NOT agreeing with me and they will NOT tell you where the washrooms are if you're within half an hour of boarding), they finally let us on board.
Good Bye and Good Riddance,wet Britannia !

We visit the Duty Free store on the ferry and buy one kilogram of chocolate (or was it 400 g?).
 Anyhoo it's HUGE, and Zu is auditioning to be the face of the New KinderChocolate

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