Tuesday, 21 June 2016

36 mind-blowing hours in Lekeitio (You don't get my thoughts yet, but here are at least the pictures)

I wake up. Time to pee again (It's been so long since I was young, I can't remember whether I ever slept a solid 8 hours). But something is different now. No, I don't mean, now that I'm old, I mean now as in time of night. It's not quite that dark anymore. OMG. There is a DAWN happening on the North-East horizon!  North-East? Isn't the sun supposed to rise in the East??? 

Not today. 

Today is the day of Neil Young playing Toulouse; today is the longest day of the year!

What's this Gin-glass doing levitating in front of the beach???

Too much walking around. Zu is shoe-shopping somewhere (women!), and I'm starving. So I create a little something with chorizo, peppers, papaya sauce, garlic, the works !

 When  I write a review of Villa Itsaso the next day in another town, TripAdvisor asks me whether I've been to this lighthouse and promises me 150 extra rubber points for writing a review of it.  WTF? What can anyone say about a lighthouse????   I'm sure there are LH afficionados out there that know the answer to this, but I'm not one of them.   So I got my 150 Extra points for writing crap like "It's a very nice lighthouse".  I'm just glad that TripAdvisor didn't ask me whether this lighthouse serves gluten-free light.

Can one ever tire of sunrises????

Time to hit the road!

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