Friday, 1 January 2016

Polar Bear Swim (NOT or rather NOT YET)

I've been back in Vancouver for 9 days, celebrated Christmas with my Grandmother and with George's family, had a re-union with university friends on Boxing Day and still haven't got used to temperatures below freezing.
As I discover on the morning of December 31st, sunrises are also to be seen in Vancouver; unfortunately Vancouver is missing an Eastern horizon on which to admire them. So one gets the view of brightly coloured clouds framed by buildings.

Not quite the same as digging oneself into a beach for an hour before sunrise every morning ;-)  Da Nang, I miss you!

Today I'm braving the elements and freezing temperatures and take the bicycle on a 30 km trip and a ferry to Roberts Creek.  The trip is too dark and cold to take pictures and I've seen it many times before.   

The new year arrives for me at 8:30 pm on the 31st when I fall asleep in a warm bed.  A cold and the bike ride took it out of me today!

It's freezing outside

After 10 hours sleep, I feel brave enough again to go for a  beach walk with Denise.

It's COLD ....

After an afternoon of napping and eating 6 o'clock and darkness arrive. We make our way down to the beach again, this time to launch some Chinese lanterns.
The folded lanterns in the cold light off a flashlight

Denise anticipating the lift-off moment

The idea that there are people who actually hop into the ocean at  these temperatures boggles the mind. 
I will wait 5 weeks for the next New Year celebration and will save my New Year ocean dip for another ocean ;-)

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