Friday, 15 January 2016


Here is a tale.

It might seem confusing at first, but be patient, there is method to the madness!

There used to be a satirical magazine (the Satire component is important to this tale, so do look it up).   No one really knew this magazine, but when a few editors were shot by nutters, the whole world, being a kind accumulation of human beings, in unison declared its support by writing JE SUIS CHARLIE on its forehead (this blog included).

There used to be a nasty German dictator with a silly moustache whose plan was to eradicate an entire race of people that lived in his country.  For this purpose, a magazine that was close to the party of the dictator depicted this race of people in VERY unfavourable pictures, quite often the men of that race were depicted with big noses and leering at DECENT German women. 

Germans, not generally known as a kind accumulation of human beings, did what they did after that.

There used to be a 3 year old boy.  He was fleeing his country with his parents.  Then he drowned at a beach. Someone took his picture after he drowned.  
The world, being a kind accumulation of human beings, cried out in unison and swore that this should never happen again.

Note (it still happens every day, but the world, being a kind accumulation of human beings is strangely quiet about that fact)

There was a New Years celebration in my hometown.  At the central train station, a bunch of assholes (who should go to jail) pick-pocketed and sexually molested women. The culprits were of NON-German origin. The world, being a kind accumulation of human beings, paid attention after Germans, being what they are, demanded that no more refugees enter Germany, "because we just saw what that leads to".  The logic still evades me, but this kind of thinking has become quite popular lately. And who says that the result of a thought process has to make sense?

A satirical magazine (Yes, the same one that the world, being  a kind accumulation of human beings, supported after their loss  and that the world, being a kind accumulation of human beings, embraced and loved) published a satirical cartoon.  It depicts in a drawing style similar to that of the German dictator's magazine, the boy who drowned as a German-woman grabber in my hometown. 

 Isn't it great when seemingly unrelated stories all of a sudden come together?

You would think that the world, being a kind accumulation of human beings, would congratulate the satirical magazine for writing a cartoon that exposes the bigotry of Germans of equating innocent refugees with molesters of German women.  Because no human with a bit of kindness in their soul and brain in their head could ever do that (except Germans, of course). 

Unfortunately, the whole world, being kind of an accumulation of ignant beings, started bashing the magazine instead of the German bigots.

The sad part of it all?  Yes, the world is correct in being outraged at the cartoon's message.  But it seems that the cartoon should have come with a warning:  Don't shoot the messenger but look for the REAL culprit.  And the REAL culprit in this story is anyone who dares to equate refugees with terrorists or criminals.   Because the world, being an ignant accumulation of people who refuse to use their brains, will react to it like an inbred hillbilly to a Donald Trump speech.  And don't be too hard on Germans. Because this atrocious behaviour is popping up everywhere these days.

  Beam me up, Scottie!

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