Thursday, 26 November 2015

The BIG Five Oh and life on the downhill

The title of this blog should be an indication which Big Five Oh (50) I'm talking about.

I fully realized that I'm 'old' for the first time a couple of years ago when on one of those web-sites where you have to enter your birth date by selecting numbers from a drop-down list, I had to down-click TWICE to reach my birth year.

Despite initial fears voiced to very few people that I would turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, that didn't happen. So I used the opportunity of non-pumpkin-likeness to board a ferry and visit my friends Hans & Denise on the Sunshine Coast.  Here are a few pictures of my evening (afternoon actually) walk with Denise and Max the dog along the beach very close to Denise's place.
Blubber is our friend!  A seal in the frigid waters.

the view of Vancouver Island across the strait
Roberts Creek beach

seagull in evening ligbht

a creek I crossed balancing on a bouncy log

Max doesn't mind the cold water

The sun sets, temperatures plummet below the freezing point, and we hurry home to get out of the cold. It;s dinner time and Denise prepares a delicious curry with vegetables and meat.  YUMMY

The fabulous dinner is only surpassed by the presents I am given by Denise. Quilted place mats from native motive fabric.  LOVE IT!!  Thank you Denise !!!!

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