Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Multiply the diameter of the earth by pi

... and what does that get you?

If you didn't come up with the circumference of the earth, it's time to look for your high school math books again!

Fine, so what about the circumference of the earth  (It's 40,075 km, by the way)?

( A quick aside: Friends couldn't believe the number was so small, they thought it would be millions of kilometres.  It is hard to imagine after all; owners of a reasonably new car with 80,000 km on the odometer have to ask themselves:  What have I done? I could have gone twice around the world, but I spent my life sitting in rush hour traffic for the last five years!)

I keep on dreaming !

Well, on my back from Mission, I noticed that the odometer on my bike (corrected for counting double distance for a while) has hit 4500 km.  Not bad for a bike only bought last September. Oh yeah, and that  is more than 1/10 of the circumference of the earth!!!!  

Yes, this planet is tiny!
 It CAN NOT handle 8 Million Tonnes of plastic being dumped into the oceans every year. It can NOT handle the air being polluted by cars, factories, etc etc forever.

And it's NOT enough to just agree with that statement. You have to DO something. Like take a bus instead of your car. Like NOT throw that old stuff into the garbage but keep using it. Not very fashionable, I know. BUT the 'or else' is frightening.

The above picture shows the skeleton of a baby Albatross that dies in its nest. And look what was in its stomach.  Mother went fishing and fed it all this crap, which killed it. Bottle caps, a cigarette lighter, etc etc.

Something needs to change NOW. Do you want your children to inherit the world turned into a Garbage dump?  Actually, that's already the case

To hell in a hand basket ....   OR ?

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