Monday, 8 June 2015

Competent hotel receptionists and earning points for loyalty (NOT)

So I have been staying at this hotel for 3 winters now.  The last stretch was 8 months.  I had to move out 3 days ago because I neglected to renew my room in time and Vancouver is VERY BUSY right now. No problem, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am due to move back into my newly vacated room today.  I left my car in the hotel (Thank you for the parking spot) and during my hiatus in occupancy travelled everywhere on the pannier-rigged bike; might as well do a practice run for what I will do for the next 3 weeks (T minus 48 hours) ;-). 

I called reception this morning at 10 am and asked them if it was possible to make my room a priority for cleaning after the strange occupants had moved out at 11 am (check-out time). 

I dropped by in person at 11 am and repeated my request.  I dropped by again at 2 pm and they hadn't even started cleaning the room yet. I'm sure they had cleaned a lot of other rooms, but mine wasn't one of them.  

Since I had to bridge that long wait with three restaurant visits (appy + wine, lunch + wine, dessert + wine) I'm not in the most accommodating mood ;-)

Well, well well.  Thanks a friggin bunch, guys and gals, that's what I call a prime example of rewarding customer loyalty.  Maybe I should be honest next time I fill out that hotel-evaluation form? 

Ah well, no point really, within the next two years my hotel together with an adjoining one and 3 restaurants will be torn down to make room for the definitely newest and greatest in savvy modern urban highrise living  in one of the most horribly traffic-congested parts of North Vancouver.    

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