Sunday, 28 September 2014

Where in the world is Homel Ess ?

Play this TUNE, while reading this post.

Actually, it's not that hard to find the HomelEss in Vancouver.

Not my pic
 I don't think those people spending the nights in sleeping bags under bridges and city parks are on a camping trip
Not my pic

And if they pick their spot well, they might have a view of their chosen city's new yacht marina.  Not sure whether that helps, though.

Not my pic

But this post is not about the homeless not by choice.  My heart bleeds at the thought, but every news item you see will tell you that the device between the Have Least and Have Most in the world is only ever increasing and never decreasing. 

No, this post is about me (blush).
Homel Ess, living in 123 Nostreet, in Noneville is my favourite pseudonym when leaving a donation on a charitable web-site.  This cuts down spam from charities that were taught by managers to exchange the names and addresses of the willing with other charities.

The name arose from the fact that I haven't lived in my own apartment since July 31, 2012, when I escaped my Crazy Maggie, my landlady. After surviving 3 or 4 eviction notices with Crazy Maggie being charged by Court Order to pay me damages for invading my privacy on the last court date, I did not really feel like having another landlord or landlady any time soon.  And that sentiment stayed with me for almost 2 years, 2 month, and 2 weeks.

But I am Homel Ess no longer.

If you notice any sparcity of furniture in this picture, that is because I only brought a futon couch (on the right) and a lamp (towards the window) into my new place.  The owner of the place kindly left a table (on the left) and a chair (centre) in the place.  BTW, this is a 2 bedroom apartment. Since I am sleeping and living in the living room, the other two rooms are empty.  And I really don't know what to put into them (Yes, I know: A Homeless Person, would be the obvious answer)

2 years of living out of a backpack and a car have reduced my desires to the level of my needs.  Very unusual in this city indeed.  Time to print those glorious Gnarls Barkley lines again:

Anyone that needs what they want, and doesn’t want what they need 
I want nothing to do with.

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