Sunday, 7 September 2014

Thormanby Island (or A Motely Crew II and a LOT OF beach pics)

Dr. J invited us on his boat again.  The seas are calm and the weather is perfect.  Woohoo!

Observed when launching the boat

A motley crew 2.0

Hans and Dr. J plotting (who to leave on the island?)

Thormanby Island 

Joerg providing the RED spot for this image

Normally one finds one of these. This beach is littered with still connected pairs

Just the way I like a  beach: Empty

Empty of people, I mean.

Rocks in front of water in front of island in front of Vancouver Island + 2 herons

Where's me fish?

Why is that guy staring at us?

Better with ....

... or without seagull?

The shallow water is teeming with life.  tiny fish, clams, mussels, sea stars, etc etc.

Ever wondered how seagulls take off ?

time to leave again

Not the monster of the Salish Sea ...

...but Eike about to water ski

Lost at sea

what goes up ....

... must come down!
We then head to Pender Harbour to have mediocre food at Garden Bay Pub.  Yes, it was eating rush hour, but if your kitchen can't handle that many guests, reduce the number of seats!

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