Friday, 2 December 2016

Thinking of visiting Australia? Earn some good Karma by staying away !

In my despair with biggots being allowed to spew the most outrageous and inhumane venom in the daily Western news, I remembered that Julian in Cambodia had mentioned the Phnom Penh Post (how is that for an alliterlation, LOL?) as a decent newspaper. 

So I check it out this morning.  And there it is!   What I have been missing so much.  Empathy for human beings, not just cute kitty cats stranded in trees.  This is still news written by people who are NOT terrified of offending one of their big corporate client advertizing accounts.  This is human beings writing about other human beings, NOT a bunch of billionaires who got rich of fleecing the government (i.e. the people) promising to do good for the 'common' man. LOL, most ridiciluous thing I ever heard ;-)

There are two stories I stumble upon that involve Australia, an entire continent of only 30 million inhabitants with a HIGH living standard.  In the previous year, I already have been telling Grandma that I have absolutely NO desire to travel to Australia, a country with a population that elected a recent Prime Minister for his promise of "No more boats", i.e. he promised to keep the voters' affluent and sunny lives free from having to look at those dirty refugees from war zones and starvation. (And NO, I do NOT intend to spend any money in the US in the near future either). 

But these two stories still came as a shock.

Not enough for you?  Another reason for NOT vising Australia is that it is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE ;-)

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