Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Colonel Kurtz's footprints and finishing with a flourish (or Luang Prabang day 3)

6 am?  I could roll over and sleep more.  WHAT?   Yes, it finally happened: I have shed the last traces of jet lag. And that can mean only one thing, LOL, departure must be near ;-(.

8 am. I'm having breakfast in the hotel patio overlooking the Mekong.  There is one thing everyone should see once in their lifetime. When the orange clad monks, who usually walk demurely with their heads bowed, operate one of those tree-trunk-like speedboats, no trace remains of that calm serenity.  They gun it !  What do you expect from 20 year olds who have to look respectable all day long when people are watching ?

I'm glad I ordered Western breakfast today  (Omelette with 'Toast' because otherwise I would have never experienced the Laotian round flatbread that I get served as 'toast'. MUCH better than toast.

My plane leaves at 7pm.  That gives me almost 10 more hours in Loas to see new things.   That said, it should be self-explanatory that I should NOT spend that time on Main Street or in my hotel, because I'd only find Same Old Same Old !

In the following right now one only finds LOTS of pictures.   Text will be added bit by bit in the future, but just posting the chronologically arranged pictures and adding text later is my new cunning plan to prevent post-lag.

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